Our products MobiTaxis and MobiAds are unique solutions to the market from Business to End User.



MobiTaxis is a premium service that connects passengers with MobiTaxis drivers. 

MobiTaxis is a convenient, affordable class A service with high level of security including remote Monitoring CCTV solution on board. 

The level of service is always guaranteed since all MobiTaxis drivers are our employees, and well trained to follow the best driving rules and ethics. 

Payment methods available are:
Debit / Credit Card, Cash, Credit and by invitation QR code where the total ride is charged to a person or Company who sent the Code. 

All our cars are 2018 – 2019 models 

Very simple Application, tap for a car with a smartphone running the MobiTaxis App. 

All our cars are meter based. 

A MobiTaxis driver is called to the passenger’s location, the passenger can watch the driver en-route coming for the pickup.

All MobiTaxis cars include All-Risk insurance 


Mobiads Is an advanced Digital advertising LED Display solution. MobiAds offer exposure through our outdoor LED display on bridges and within vehicles as well as Leaflet Distribution. Our displays are located on the headrest of every company owned vehicles and controlled & updated over 3G Connections! This provides an eye-catching, reliable and effective advertising medium that will bring digital advertising messages to the masses! 

Media Booking

Media Booking

Worldwide brands can cow plan their Ad Campaigns with Mobigates and book their promotions in a desired time and/or place. Mobigates negotiates competitive prices along with exposed placements to ensure the best possible value secured for an advertisement.