MobiAds Applications
MobiAds™ empowers brands by introducing location, time and demographic targeting to out-of-home / transit media campaigns. With the simple deployment of adverts, sent remotely via 3G, to thousands of screens within seconds, brands can now expect to enjoy much shorter production and deployment lead times compared to traditional print or vinyl. Your campaigns can run for weeks, days, hours, minutes or seconds…wherever…whenever…the choice is truly yours!
Location Targeting
Run adverts wherever your customers are
At the airport
Outside major hotels
In the theatre district
In front of a competitor’s store
Within a few meters of your own storefront
Demographic Targeting
Run ads for financial services in affluent areas
Send messages to students in and around college campuses
Play stock prices in financial districts
Show tourist information around attractions
Time Targeting
Deliver messages when a specific audiencewill be most receptive
Promote coffee during the morning traffic
Display restaurant specials at lunch or dinner time
Show movies displayed when the taxi is near the cinema