MobiAds™, is the world’s most advanced Digital Roof top advertising LED Display solution. We have designed this in a way that will function on all vehicle types under any  weather conditions. MobiAds will provide an eye-catching, reliable and effective advertising medium that will cut through the big city noise and bring digital advertising and its messages to anyone, everyone and everywhere!
Roof top led display advertising.
MobiAds is equipped on every taxi with MobiTaxis service. The roof top, led device is able to play advertisements while the taxi is moving on a dual side display.
The ads are controlled and updated over 3G Connections.
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Eye-catching, reliable and effective advertising
Benefits Of MobiAds
The ability to play static and dynamic full color adverts in high resolution while the taxi is on the go!
Bright and eye-catching makes it a more engaging form of media and something that will surely catch the attention of everyone who sees it!
We report to you where and when each specific ad ran!
Target messages by location,street or postcode using GPS technology and scheduling
Run ads when and where you want !
Low cost per impression!
Versatile, dynamic and adaptable!
Display multiple messages by time of day or geotargeted location!
Ready to start your advertising campaign?
MobiAds can help you create ads that deliver results
MobiAds™ empowers brands by introducing location, time and demographic targeting to out-of-home / transit media campaigns. With the simple deployment of adverts, sent remotely via 3G, to thousands of screens within seconds, brands can now expect to enjoy much shorter production and deployment lead times compared to traditional print or vinyl. Your campaigns can run for weeks, days, hours, minutes or seconds…wherever…whenever…the choice is truly yours!
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Location Targeting
Demographic Targeting
Time Targeting